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Increasing the visibility of students & professionals within companies

intap – the international talent project for Dresden – is committed to helping students and young professionals with an international background in the Saxon capital. The goal is to help academics and top talents find a professional home, feel comfortable and enrich the city with their skills.

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Together we are intap

Janett Krätzschmar-König
Creator of Opportunities
Fatema Darbar
Events & Community Management
Viola Martin-Mönnich
Campaign & Press Specialist
Our Vision

Driven by our desire to connect

Our one-stop-shop ecosystem connects international high-potentials with the industry.
We do this because we know that highly skilled and passionate people have a strong impact on a company´s ability to innovate and on our city overall.

We want to be the missing link between international top talent and innovative companies.

Make a difference. Make an impact. Join the intap community.

Facts you should know

Registered Internationals at the network 371 Registered Internationals
Nationalities Icon 51 Different Nationalities
Rocket Icon 12% Active IT jobseeker
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Employer Branding

Everyone is talking about it – we help you promote your company to the employer of choice to Saxony´s talent

Whether you actively work on creating an employer brand or not, it has an impact. It influences people, particularly applicants, and how they perceive your company as a place to work.

We support you in your ability to attract, recruit and retain ideal employee. E-Mail us for more.

yellow bus in Dresden Altstadt
Join our upcoming events - to meet your potential new employees in a stimulating and low-key environment.
14:00 - 16:00

Matchmaking on the Clock- Recruitment event for the Semiconductor branch

STEM talent connects with the Semiconductor industry in the KarriereStart-Messe!  The event will include Matchmaking in the form of moderated speed dating, networking, success stories and some other cool surprises.  Save the date and stay tuned for more information.  Messering 6, Dresden
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