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At intap we help small and medium-sized companies to increase their visibility among international talents, jobseekers and professionals and strengthen their employer brand. We do it by organizing networking events, social media promotion and checking your career page and job ads. We also provide consulting support in HR issues, i.e. personnel development, employer branding, management training and remote working teams. Another important module of our portfolio is relocation service through which we help international employees to manage all the formalities when moving to Germany like health insurance, opening a banking account and registration.

Through our diverse longtime experience we know young candidates and international teams very well 

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“Non-monetary incentives as a tool to improve employer attractiveness and increase job application intention” – Study in Dresden, conducted by Mariia Kutscher, Match Maker at intap

Background: One of the reasons why German and international students leave the state after university graduation despite the availability and variety of open jobs, could be the fact that local companies fail to attract young talents. In the age of the war for talent, companies need to remain competitive in the market by offering the best conditions for qualified workforce. The aim of the study was to identify how local companies in Dresden and surroundings can improve their attractiveness and influence the motivation of German and international students to apply for a job using non-monetary benefits.

“How to Stellenanzeigen” – Study, conducted by Elzyata Boschaeva, Employer Branding Specialist at intap

Background: Job advertisements are one of the most important instruments of personnel recruitment. They are often the first source of information about an employer and act as so-called signals to potential candidates and the general public. They can be a first impetus to become the “employer of choice.” In this context, especially online job ads play an important role. The focus target group of the study are computer scientists.

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International Talent Wanted – Employer branding campaign for Dresden

We find intap’s work great! intap offers a very different approach to recruiting and HR consulting, which we like as a small IT company: emphatic, at eye level, without sales pressure, personal and contemporary.

The combination of personal consulting and the use of modern technologies via the works very well for us. Furthermore, we appreciate the creative and innovative events intap organises, which also offer us as participants a good platform to increase our visibility among talents in Dresden. Working with intap is authentic and fun – that fits us perfectly.

For us, intap is more than just a personnel service provider: The intap team connects companies in Dresden through their platform, provides an opportunity to exchange and hence creates a feeling of togetherness that goes far beyond the approach of conventional business networks. This is largely due to the intap team and the emphatic and always friendly way in which intap gets in touch with us and brings all network partners together.

We enjoy using intap’s marketing offers and can learn a lot from them. intap’s reach and innovative ideas make our own marketing work here much easier. The coachings, especially for companies, are always welcome, as we are very interested in constantly working on ourselves as a company. The combination of intap’s marketing services and its core product, i.e. the recruiting services, fits perfectly and builds on each other well. In any case, intap also attracts us as customers, which we gladly accept because their work is valuable and has an effect on us.

Thomas Kirchner

CEO, descript

Our Vision

Driven by our desire to connect

Our one-stop-shop ecosystem connects international and national high-potentials with the industry.

We do this because we know that highly skilled and passionate people have a strong impact on a company´s ability to innovate and on our city overall.

We want to be the missing link between international top talent and innovative companies.

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