Company evolution

We live New Work and shape the New Leadership

Company evolution is a not just a buzzword, but a mindset.


We offer customized and feasible solutions to business challenges. Together we create the appropriate framework in which adaptable organizations can develop with their culture. Here we accompany company managements, C-Level and teams with their goals.

OKR framework as a base

Navigating uncertain conditions and scarce resources with ambitious goals – every start-up and many small and medium-sized enterprises know the problem. If you don’t focus, you quickly get tangled up or, in the worst case, get burnt-out colleagues. At the same time, a too narrow focus can also potentially lead to missed opportunities in the future and thus equally reduce entrepreneurial success. But how can the company be skilfully navigated towards the North Star in times of greater uncertainty, crisis and innovation, while keeping the team motivated and self-effective?

From our perspective and experience, the most effective tool for agile companies (and those who want to become one) is to use the OKR framework throughout the organization. Strictly speaking, it is actually a comprehensive goal management system that aligns with the company’s vision, brings clarity to long-term strategies, and (perhaps most importantly) establishes a system to put them into action through radical focus.

How do we implement it?

We accompany the implementation of the OKR framework in your company over following 3 levels:
Human/Company Layer – Corporate Culture & Mindset/Leadership, Content level (vision, mission, strategy, values) and Process level (the framework itself, integration into daily business etc.) for happy & self-effective people, who bring your company forward, for the integration of strategic topics into the daily business, for hard outcome and entrepreneurial success. At the same time we offer support beyond the implementation process and support your OKR-Master in the daily business. (Recommended over 4 quarters after implementation)

Our customers about us

We had a real challenge this year: we grew a lot, realigned ourselves and wanted to stabilize and develop the good team culture. With the content, methodological and personal support, I personally felt I could really lead fodjan through this time. <…>

On our own we would not have had the knowledge nor the time to do this effectively ourselves and we would have lost one or two employees along the way. And in all that time, you always responded flexibly to our ad hoc needs. That made it a true collaboration!

Carsten Gieseler

CEO, fodjan GmbH

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Photo of intap team member Julia Thombansen

Janett Krätzschmar
OKR Master