At the recent Silicon Saxony Day 2024, we had the privilege of participating in an insightful panel discussion with our recruitment partner SILICONALLY. The panel was led by our Head of Talent Acquisition, Rosey Kumari, and SILICONALLY’S Head of Marketing, Diana Strohbach. Together they discussed the real-time challenges of international recruitment and presented innovative ways to challenge cultural differences, legal issues and talent assessment.  

The growing need for an international & diverse workforce  

At the Silicon Saxony Day, more than 700 experts from the semiconductor industry met at Dresden Airport to discuss trends and innovations. It also included the topic of skilled workers. After all, there can be no further development without expert knowledge. In particular, attracting and retaining international talent has become crucial for companies that want to remain competitive. However, international recruitment poses specific challenges for companies, which we discussed during our panel: 

Addressing Legal and Talent Assessment Challenges

Both Rosey Kumari and Diana Strohbach acknowledged the complexities of legal aspects and talent assessment in international recruiting. Navigating the legal requirements of different countries can be daunting, and assessing talent across diverse educational and professional backgrounds requires a nuanced approach. Besides companies should be aware that there will be some effort necessary on their part when it comes to the visa approach for candidates from countries outside the EU. Even with the help of the new accelerated skilled labour procedure, companies should allow at least 3-4 months’ time-period to get a visa. 

Best Practices for Successful International Recruiting

The panel discussion also shed light on several best practices that can help organizations excel in international recruiting: 

Talent Market research & planning: Understanding market dynamics and planning accordingly is essential. Thorough research helps to identify the right talent pools and develop effective recruitment strategies. 

Cultural awareness: Considering cultural differences and promoting inclusivity can highly enhance the recruitment process. This includes understanding cultural norms, values and communication styles. 

Effective recruitment strategies: Using a variety of recruitment channels and strategies tailored to the target audience can improve the chances of attracting top international talent. 

A well-structured onboarding and relocation process: A robust onboarding and relocation process is essential for the smooth integration of international hires. Helping them settle into a new country and workplace can help new employees feel welcomed and valued. 

By learning from the experiences of organizations like SILICONALLY and adopting best practices, companies can create a more inclusive and dynamic workforce.

Innovative Solutions by SILICONALLY 

SILICONALLY has been at the forefront of implementing creative solutions to foster an inclusive work environment. Diana Strohbach shared some of their best practices that have proven effective in accommodating the diverse cultural and national backgrounds of their employees: 

Optional Holidays: SILICONALLY offers optional holidays, allowing employees to take time off on specific festive days that are significant to their culture. This approach not only respects cultural diversity but also boosts employee motivation and satisfaction. 

Cuisine Days: To celebrate the rich culinary heritage of their international team, SILICONALLY organizes different cuisine days. Employees get the opportunity to cook and share food from their home countries, creating a sense of community and cultural exchange. 

Language Learning Support: Recognizing the importance of effective communication, SILICONALLY provides language learning support to help employees overcome language barriers and integrate more seamlessly into the workplace. 


The panel discussion at Silicon Saxony Day 2024 underscored the importance of embracing diversity and implementing innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of international recruiting. By learning from the experiences of organizations like SILICONALLY and adopting best practices, companies can create a more inclusive and dynamic workforce. As we continue to navigate the complexities of global talent acquisition, collaboration and knowledge sharing will be key to driving success and fostering a culture of inclusivity. 

We extend our gratitude to SILICONALLY and all the participants for their valuable insights and look forward to furthering our efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

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