DISC Personality Assessment

Get to know yourself, your needs and priorities and understand the behaviour of those around you.

What is DISC?

DISC is the most widely used personality assessment model worldwide. It elicits recurring behaviour patterns in distinguishing personality styles and assigned them to four basic types – D (dominance), I (influence), S (steadiness) and C (conscientiousness), supplemented by up to 8 priorities of the respective style.

This helps the managers provide an overview of the characteristics their team has which further aid in their daily tasks. So, DISC helps improve cooperation and communication in teams and is often used in the human resources department of an organisation.

Why personnel development is important to your company: 

  • It motivates employees
  • It enables people to communicate better
  • It builds good relationship between colleagues
  • It helps achieve higher workplace satisfaction and results
  • It empowers in-house trainers, coaches and personnel developers
With our support, you will find out the personality traits of your employees & how to unlock the potential of your whole team!
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Testimonials – What our customers say

The coaching with Dr. Katja Siemens has made a positive impression on us and has effectively improved our corporate culture. By learning about the different types of personalities , we have further developed better understanding of each other and have significantly improved our internal communication within the team.

Ilin Dobrew

CEO, Enloc Group

Meet our Coach

Dr. Katja Siemens von intap Dresden
Dr. Katja Siemens
Main topics: Career Coaching, Personnel Development

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