Hike2Career – Bautzen and the Surroundings with Zyxel

Are you looking for a job in or around Dresden? Are you from an IT or Telecommunication field? Last question and maybe a rhetorical one — Do you enjoy Hiking?

Then we definitely have you covered! Hike2Career combines hiking and career planning. You will be hiking with a career expert and a company HR in the surroundings of Bautzen. The company that will be joining us for this hike is– Zyxel a.k.a Sphairon GmbH

Below are more details of the Hike;

The Hike will take place on 13th August at 12:30 pm

We will meet at the Dresden Hbf on Platform 6 and take a train from there. If you don’t have a student ticket, the ticket cost will be provided by us.

The Hike will last 3-4 hours and will have breaks in between

We will be exploring the surroundings of Bautzen and hiking through the picturesque landscapes of Bloaschütz and Seitschen. In between the Hike, we will also do a small Picknick at a beautiful location.

–> You don’t need special hiking shoes for this Hike, just some comfortable Sneakers should do.

–> Also, bring water with you and something small to eat for the Picknick.

–> This hike is for jobseekers from the Telecommunication and IT field only. Therefore, register accordingly.

We can’t accommodate more than 15 people so register soon to secure a seat.

Hike2Career with Zyxel

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