Pitch & Match – Present your company to tech talents

15:00 - 17:30

Is your company at home in the field of tech/semiconductors and the supplier industry/hardware and software and in need of qualified junior staff?
At our Pitch & Match, you have the chance to present your company as an exciting employer to young students, graduates and young professionals from the STEM sector in a crisp, 2-minute pitch. We are happy to cooperate with the Silicon Saxony for the event.
In the subsequent networking part, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas. We support the networking part in an individual and playful way #gamification. The platform we use offers optimal conditions for this: Participants can move freely around the site and visit the companies – this creates a personal and close atmosphere that other online formats do not offer. At the same time, our targeted digital marketing activities in the run-up to the event will give you visibility among international tech talents in and outside Saxony. The event will be held in English.
Information about the event
At this event, companies from the ICT sector will present themselves as innovative and attractive employers to around 150 participants. The number of participating companies is limited to 15. First come – first served.
The entire event will take place on the  online platform Gather.Town. There you will find an individually designed virtual event space, where the participants move autonomously as avatars. If you approach other avatars, the camera and microphone will be activated and you can talk to each other in pairs or groups – as real as it gets online. Of course, your company will also be presented in the right light, with logo, job wall and other virtual elements of your choice (e.g. company values, video, etc.). In the main room you will find the virtual stage, where the pitches will be staged. The participating companies are announced by the moderator beforehand, then enter the stage as an avatar seen by all and as soon as they have reached the microphone, their camera & sound becomes visible to all participants. The pitch begins.
A separate virtual career area completes the setting. Here, the talents get tips & tricks for a successful application, salary negotiation, etc.
After a short opening of the event by intap & Silicon Saxony you will have the opportunity to present yourself as an attractive employer on a big stage. Afterwards, the participants will vote for the best/coolest/most innovative company pitch. The prize will be awarded on the main stage.
Afterwards, the talents can visit you at your own virtual “Company Booth”, get to know you in a direct conversation and ask their burning questions about career opportunities in your company. All companies will receive a technical briefing in gather.town the day before the event and will be familiarized with the central functions as well as their company booth. The event will be conducted and supervised by 2 moderators, 2 assistants, 1 networking expert and a career coach.
Expected schedule:
15:00-15:15 UhrWelcome
15:15-16:00 Uhr
Company-Pitches (2 minutes x 15 companies)
16:00-16:10 UhrBest Pitches are voted for
16:10-16:15 UhrBreak
16:15-17:30 UhrParticipants visit the virtual boothes
Ab 17:30 UhrEnd of the official event. The event space will remain open for all participants who want to exchange further.
A few notes about the pitch:
Pitches are limited to 2 minutes. Presentations are allowed. Feel free to come up with something creative, because at the end the audience will choose the best pitch and you can win a prize.
Make your pitch short, concise and exciting. Think about what you want to tell in advance: What makes you special, why should people work for you, etc.? There are no limits to your creativity. And don’t forget to end your pitch with a clear call-to-action.
In the run-up, we will present all participating companies on our social media channels. For this purpose, we ask for the contribution of logo, picture, name and position of the speaker(s) & short text in English in which you introduce your company.
As an intap partner you will receive 10% off the booking price!
Registration is done by Silicon Saxony.