Tech & Talent Tea Talks – 5G in Saxon Industry

29 - 29
Oct / Oct
16:00 - 17:00
Enhance your knowledge on the upcoming technological trends in Saxony and on the demanded new skillsets & job profiles. #teatalks

About the Event:

Saxony is the land of innovation and ideas. It is home to many vibrant companies – including start-ups that have the potential of converting their ideas into smart and innovative solutions. These solutions – as they begin to successfully apply in various industries producing impactful results – become the latest technological trends and practices.
intap, along with Hightech Startbahn & Smart Systems Hub as its Knowledge Partners, will be covering some of these thriving technological trends through its Tech & Talent Tea Talks.
This Tea Talk is the first of a 10 part webinar series covering current 5G technology in Saxony and its application. The Talk will also focus on how this new technology is leading to the demand for new job profiles and skillsets from the current and future workforce.

The two participating companies are Xilinx Dresden GmbH & CampusGenius GmbH.



1. Dr. Peter Meyer, Managing Director & Head of Engineering, Xilinx Dresden GmbH

2. Thomas Höschele, Research Group Leader at Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communications Networks & Managing Director at CampusGenius GmbH


Who should attend?

  • Students & early job seekers,
  • Working Professionals,
  • Anyone who is interested in updating himself/herself on the latest technology trends



Other topics covered in this series:

  • AI & Robotics
  • Big Data and Augmented Analytics
  • Cloud & Edge Computing
  • Blockchain & distributed Ledgers
  • Cyber Security & Resilience
  • Nanotechnology & Material Science
  • 3D & 4D Printing & additive manufacturing
  • Digital Health
  • Internet of Things
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