The face of recruitment marketing has changed over the last 10 years. The role it used to play and the strategies it involved to hire the best talent has clearly evolved. With a talent driven job market, the role of the company and that of the talent has almost completely reversed. This is the reason companies are becoming more and more transparent in terms of their vision and mission and focus on showing the talents the experiences they will have once they join them. Some of the big companies even go to the extent of charting out the potential career-development path for the candidate after working a few years with them. The objective is simple – to attract the best talents, engage with them and then convince them to apply to join their work force. The ways through which the companies perform this are several, though.

The most popular one, in today’s date, is digital marketing. Through SEO, job-search platforms, interactive company’s career portal, social media platforms – talents are continuously attracted to various job opportunities. In-fact amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, this has started to play an even bigger role. That being said, the value of non-virtual ways – such as job fairs or campus placements for students – has still not lost its charm. With passing of time, organisations however have begun to employ many more innovative and creative ways to attract and engage with talents. They might not be employed owing to the current situation but are surely the first resort in the normal times. Let me share some of these interesting formats.

Speed Dating – Gone are the days when dating simply referred to a romantic rendezvous between two individuals. Nowadays, dating also happens between companies and talents, when both parties exchange a bit of information about one another, with the objective of either moving on to the next level of working together professionally or simply deciding to part ways.

Another interesting format is Pitching. Originally started among businesses and start-ups to solidify a deal or to pitch an idea to potential investor, it has started to gain a lot traction among organisations to meet and select talents.

In addition to the above two, workshops are also a great way to determine the expectations the companies and talents have from one another, while trying to settle differences regarding work circumstances like onboarding, work times or applications.

Dresden is full of such events and intap employs most of the above-mentioned formats to connect the international talents with the local industry in Dresden. intap has also conceptualised and successfully implemented some new formats in this realm, which are very popular in the student and job seeker community. One of which is Career Café that attracts talented potential employees. Several Career Cafés in the past have been organised with partner companies to inform the student and job seeker community about the company’s hiring & application process, working culture amongst others. Concepts like panel discussions, workshops and direct networking are used to execute them successfully. Likewise, Ride2Career is yet another innovative intap format, which takes job seekers on a bus ride to various high technology companies in Dresden and introduce them to companies’ working culture and environment.

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Pitch & Match has also been one of the often-used formats by intap. Till date, intap has impeccably conducted 4 events of this format with total 22 companies and around 450 students and job seekers participating. The feedback has been overwhelming with each student connecting with at least 2-3 companies after the event and some companies receiving up to 20 applications.

There are also industry-specific events like Hackathon, which are gaining popularity in Dresden. Hackathon is a sprint-like event in which participants from the IT/ engineering background collaborate on software projects and create software products of any kind.

Lastly, in every city there are few unconventional career events and festivals where companies and (international) talents can be connected. One such event is intap’s Hike2Career which enables students and graduates to connect with the companies on job opportunities while hiking. The students in the process are also coached with self-assessment tasks and career related topics. This way, companies and talents don’t have to meet at formal job events or universities, instead they can already get a feel for each other while doing fun activities.

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