What is intap project?

intap – the international talent project for Dresden

What is intap?

intap – the international talent project for Dresden connects international (and also national) students, researchers and job seekers with the local industry. Our goal is to increase the visibility between both the groups and help them get in touch for a better future.

In our work, we focus on sensitizing, informing and connecting both talent and companies with one another. We aid in showing attractive opportunities to stay in Dresden and help start a career here.

This might be especially interesting for international jobseekers who don’t know the city well yet – but of course, we are open to anybody who wants to find a job or a company to work with in Dresden.

Cityscape Of Dresden At Elbe River
The Semperoper in Dresden

Why Dresden?

Many of the talented educated students & professionals here at universities and research institutions leave Dresden – despite a stable family environment, high quality of life, a given intention to stay and a protracted search for a job. A lot bright people are thus lost to our city.

We want to keep this human capital and great minds in our city by connecting students & researchers to local busines and therefore enriching the city and societey as a whole.

Our goals
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For Companies

We want to make the local companies aware of the growing academic talent that study, research and live in Dresden.

We enable decision-makers to access this pool of talent and inform them about the benefits that come with internationalizing their teams.

In addition, we provide information on how companies can succeed in integrating international employees into their work culture and retaining them for a long term.

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For Jobseekers

We inform students, graduates and academic talent about the advantages of working and living in Dresden and want to sensitize them for early career planning.

During our consultation hours, we provide advice on the application process and the prerequisites for a good start in Dresden’s economy.

We also organise events to ensure that international and national talent, the local economy and the city’s research institutions are connected with one another.

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For the Society

Last but not least, with intap we support a welcoming culture and strengthen Dresden’s image as a cosmopolitan, innovative and attractive location.

Our belief that diversity drives innovation and productivity in an economy is achieved step by step through our continual and persistant intiatives and activities.


intap project partners

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“To support international talent is such an important topic for me. Finally, we have organized our meeting with intap and our PhD-students. Thanks intap for the good meeting. I am pleased that we are now a member of your community and look forward to our projects together. You are doing such an important job!”

Ianina Scheuch from DDocs after our first mutual event

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