Your Unique Selling Point

Find out what makes you special and why a company should hire you, not anyone else

What is your USP?

Have you ever asked yourself what makes you unique? What skills and abilities make you stand out from the rest?

Why exactly should you get hired for a certain job? Why should you get a pay raise and not someone else? Why should you get the job and nobody else? You are not sure? How can your supervisor or employer be sure?

It’s time to look at your strengths and competences. Look at YOUR USP,
your Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point.

Your personal USP consists of arguments that separate you from your competitors. For possible employers you should make clear to understand what you stand for. Show them what you have that your competitors don’t.

Within our two-part workshop we will help you to show your uniqueness!

Below are the details of the workshops:

What:                      a series of 2 workshops

Duration:               2.5 hours (each workshop)

Time:                       Set individually

Dates:                     Set individually

Venue:                    Online via Zoom

Language:             English or German

Booking:                through the Career Service of your university


5 steps that lead to your USP

The workshop consists of the following 5 steps:


  1.  Define your own strenghts.
  2.  What does the customer/employer/client expect?
  3.  Analyse your competitors.
  4.  Screen out and draw boundaries.
  5.  Formulate your own concise USP.
Contact us directly or reach out to the Career Service of your university to make the workshop happen!
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Meet our Coach

Dr. Katja Siemens von intap Dresden
Dr. Katja Siemens
Main topics: Career Coaching, Personnel Development

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