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We are the ByteBuzzer a start-up based in Dresden and we created a software that allows customers to actively shape the products and services provided by companies by sharing honest feedback.

Ludwig Gawer von intap Dresden
Ludwig Gawer
CEO & Co-Founder at ByteBuzzer GmbH

Hi, I’m Ludwig from ByteBuzzer. In 2018, my partner Robert and I put our idea into action and founded ByteBuzzer GmbH. Our vision is to generate a better customer experience with software solutions. Therefore, we programmed the SaaS solution tucatap to create a new customer interaction experience. Our tool has only recently seen the light of day and is quite hungry for new customers and passionate employees. We are looking forward to new perspectives & cultures.


Who is ByteBuzzer and what are they doing?

Companies currently seem to question customers in the same way over and over: by text-based surveys. Customers become less willing to communicate as this can feel more like an interrogation without added value or direct impact for the customer itself. Consequently, customer´s participation rate drops and therefore, the quality of products and services goes down. We created a solution that would satisfy both sides. Together with our team we combined the need for entertainment with knowledge exchange in developing our SaaS solution tucatap. With it, companies can communicate with their exisiting and future customers in short interactive picture stories and learn a lot about their needs and expectations. Tucatap works very easily and user-friendly without an app or registration. Everyone can share their opininion using their own smartphone in just a few seconds. Find out what customers say about their tucatap adventure!

What do you value most in an applicant?

We are looking for software developers, but also sales people and data scientists. We place particular value on a quick grasp and a hands-on mentality. We are looking for talents who get things done, are self-confident and strong team players at the same time. Passion for the daily work is especially important to us.

Saxony and the Dresden region offers us as a company…

…closeness to the university, strong networks, just the right size to keep track of things.

If your company was an animal, which one would it be?

An ant: small, agile and yet strong. On its own and yet part of the whole; great trust in the community; clear goal and tasks.

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