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watttron is a dynamic tech start-up from Freital with roots in Dresden. We revolutionize the packaging world with our digital heating system and want to make an important contribution to sustainability.

Kathrin Eckhardt von intap Dresden
Kathrin Eckhardt
Marketing- und HR-Manager at watttron

I have been working at watttron since March 2020 and what I really like about the company is working at eye level  i.e. flat hierarchies. New ideas are always welcomed here. Also the company is very flexible and allows its employees to work from home, when need be. For instance, in the past months it was always possible to work from home and take care of kids. Issues like these have never caused any problem here at watttron.


About Watttron

Watttron is a former spin-off of the Institute for Natural Materials Technology at the Technical University of Dresden and the Fraunhofer Institute for Processing Machines and Packaging Technology Dresden. The founding team comprising Sascha Bach and Marcus Stein had been researching on innovative heat technology since 2007 and finally founded the company in 2016.

The heating technology can be used in many industrial processes – practically everywhere where high-precision heat distribution is required. In addition to the packaging industry, these include the automotive industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, microelectronics, etc.

What are your requirements for talents?

We are looking for people who work independently and on their own responsibility, who have the desire to break up old processes and design new ones, and who also think a step ahead and visionary.

Saxony and Dresden offer us as a company…

A good economic basis to let watttron grow even further. We are located in Freital / Saxony and want to further expand the location here. We rely on qualified specialists. We are a member of the association – Economy for a cosmopolitan Saxony. The association pursues the goal of an economically strong, cosmopolitan and international Saxony.

If your company was an animal, what would it be and why?

Tiger fits our personality well because like them we are aggressive, fast and have the constant desire to go far out.

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