People relations

It’s all about your teams and personalities.

People relations are important for a successfull company.


We set on the personal and teams’ level at our work. In coachings, workshops, trainings and team events we process such topics as leadership, communication, ownership, trust, team work and spirit and collaboration. With our certication for MBTI personality base framework we provide a basis for our future work and your team.

MBTI as a base

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is the most widely used instrument worldwide for identifying personality types. In team development, the use of MBTI® in the form of a team workshop is recommended.

Using the MBTI framework helps participants develop team spirit, understand each other better, build mutual trust and find rules for good cooperation and communication.

The MBTI® assessment helps you to identify strengths and develop greater tolerance and appreciation for your own and others’ personality preferences and communication styles.

Team challenge

Do you and your team just want to have fun? How about having a cool team event created by event freaks like us? Let us know about your budget and wishes and we will do something special and personal for you!

Individual and team level

What do I need as a motivating leader? How do I establish a vibrant corporate culture? How do I sustainably build an organizational environment where people can be who they are, thrive, and at the same time contribute effectively to the company’s success? The path to this goal is challenging because different personalities come together in an organization which has its own culture. Don’t get us wrong – we’re not about lecturing you about the latest employee benefits like another table tennis table. We’re about developing a healthy motivating environment for a strong company, where everyone is aware of their strengths and potential. We work on your organizational structures and processes. We work on your employee relations.

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Individual Level - personality development in coachings and trainings.

Here you can decide which topics are relevant for you and in which modus you want to work on them. We have a wide experience in leadership trainings and coachings.

Team level - increase your team spirit and collaboration in workshops and team events.

Here you can choose, whether you want to just have fun with your team or have a specific topic on an agenda. We create a concept for your team event or workshop and implement it for you as well.

Our customers about us

We had a real challenge this year: we grew a lot, realigned ourselves and wanted to stabilize and develop the good team culture. With the content, methodological and personal support, I personally felt I could really lead fodjan through this time. <…>

On our own we would not have had the knowledge nor the time to do this effectively ourselves and we would have lost one or two employees along the way. And in all that time, you always responded flexibly to our ad hoc needs. That made it a true collaboration!

Carsten Gieseler

CEO, fodjan GmbH

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Julia Thombansen
Lead Consultant