Career Café – ‘Simple joy of learning the German Language’ with Goethe Institut Dresden

17:00 - 19:30

Let’s dig into some fun ways of learning German language!

Learning a foreign language is never an easy task. It requires patience, persistence, and a lot of hard work – especially when you are attempting it in your adulthood.

Mark Twain in his essay – ‘The awful German Language’ – wrote: “A person who has not studied German can form no idea of what a perplexing language it is. It is easier for a cannibal to enter the Kingdom of Heaven through the eye of a rich man’s needle that it is for any other foreigner to read the terrible German script.” Of course, one can relate to such bouts of frustrations while learning the foreign language but in the end Mark Twain along with his friend Harris successfully learnt it and so can you! 😊

About the event & structure:

We would like to introduce our topic for our Career Café – ‘Simple joy of learning the German Language’ where we will discuss together with you some of the ways you could master this seemingly impossible task. We will organise this Career Café along with our partner – Goethe Institute that will demonstrate through various playful activities how this cumbersome process can instead be an absolute fun and joyful ride.

In the second half of the event we will deliberate on some career focused questions/topics (provided by you), the answers will help you jumpstart your career in Germany after finishing your studies. The discussion will be moderated by Susi Ehrhardt, career coach in Dresden and advocate for the cause of diversity & Inclusion in companies in Dresden.

Where: Due to the shifting Covid-19 situation the event will take place virtuallly. We wil use the Gather.Town platform to make the event as personal as possible still. You don’t need to install or download anything to use Gather. Simply join from your browser.

Who should join? Anyone who wants to take stock of fun ways to improving the German language and also benefit with some free career tips.

How much does it cost? It cost NOTHING. Bring a good mood and open mind.

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