relocation for international employees

We make Dresden a home for your new hires.

Why you need us

Relocating to another country can be a daunting task having little knowledge about regulations and administrative processes. If a new working environment comes on top, it is easy to miss important details and necessary tasks.

International employees not feeling at home or supported during the transition is the main reason why they quit a job in the trial period!

That’s why we at intap network support throughout the whole process and make sure that newcomers in Dresden feel taken care of while settling into their new living and working environment.

Relocation service Dresden – local and personal

Our intap relocation service is based in Dresden. We provide a professional experience for new employees and their families transitioning to our beautiful city. We know the city well and guide national and international hires through all the practical and administrative tasks and issues.

Our strength is the personal, fast and cultural sensitive contact with our clients.

We make sure the newcomers have a reliable partner and helper throughout the whole relocation process.

Do you want to give your hires the best possible start?


Telephone: 0351-79991442

Photo of intap team member Benedikt Junge
Benedikt Junge
Head of Relocation

All bases covered with intap

Health insurance

  • ✔ Information about fees and benefits
  • ✔ Referral of fitting health insurance
  • ✔ Filling in application forms
  • ✔ Social Security Number

City registration

  • ✔ Appointment booking
  • ✔ Accompaniment to the appointment

Residence permit

  • ✔ Organize appointments
  • ✔ Info on documents and procedure
  • ✔ Check and review forms & documents
  • ✔ Support during appointments

Bank account

  • ✔ Information about banking options
  • ✔ Contact with bank officials
  • ✔ Expat friendly account opening


  • ✔ Evaluate needs and expectations
  • ✔ Search for fitting objects
  • ✔ Contact to landlords and companies
  • ✔ Support during flat visits
  • ✔ Check of rental contract
  • ✔ Set up internet & electricity

Family & Kids

  • ✔ Find doctors and other institutions
  • ✔ Search for KiTa/school spots
  • ✔ Support in registration matters
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The best service for companies and employees

The service provided by intap is a great support for our company when recruiting international talent. The cooperation works flawlessly across all communication channels and individual requirements are also always handled excellently. We would like to thank the entire intap team for their quick and solution-oriented help with all our needs.

Heidi Rudolph

Employee Relationship Managerin, NTT Data Business Solutions

I am very grateful for the help of intap. They supported me in the best way to find a new apartment in Dresden, which made my move/relocation easier. They were friendly and at the same time professional and provided me with information about the city and people to feel comfortable in my new hometown!

Andor Molitorisz

Automation & Robotics Engineer, Wandelbots GmbH

Need legal consulting?

We are partnered and cooperate with Battke Grünberg. With their far reaching expertise all around recruiting professionals from outside the EU they are the perfect match for coordinating preliminary procedures in the hiring and visa processes with relevant authorities and setting up appropriate employment contracts.

More information about legal services and offers by Battke Grünberg ...
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+49 351 7999 1442

Photo of intap team member Benedikt Junge

Benedikt Junge

Head of Relocation