About us

We are intap and we connect international and German students, graduates and researchers with the regional companies in Dresden and Saxony.

In 2019 Anke and Fatema presented a TED talk, with TedxDresden expressing their vision of creating an international Dresden in their own individual and combined ways. The talk also explains the story and intent behind finding Intap along with the co founders. Listen to the talk here  and find out for yourself.  


Because we believe diversity is the engine that drives innovation and productivity in an economy. Sticking to this belief, we wish to enable our city profit enormously from the talented graduates from all over the world. This way we not only contribute towards strengthening our state’s economy but also provide the international (and German) students & graduates a professional home in Dresden. Hence, a win- win situation.

How do we do this?

Through our flagship projects intap and recently started TalentTransfer, we increase the visibility of the students & graduates and the companies for each other and link them together powerfully. We are convinced that with every interesting, qualified academic of any origin, culture or religion, Saxony’s diverse industry will always get a little better. Our projects, being not-for-profit in nature, are supported by the Saxony Ministry of Economy, Labour and Transport.

Our vision: We want every talent around the world to find a local community of like-minded people to develop and achieve their individual professional goals.
Our mission: We connect global talent with the local industry.

What sets us apart.
We are curious and courageous.
We laugh a lot because life is one of the best.
We make everything a little bit better.

We are doing something relevant and valuable.
We shape the future creatively and unconventionally. We are ever improving.
We make a difference with what we do.

What we do.
We connect people.

How we work together.
We communicate honestly and respectfully with each other and with partners.
We listen to understand – not to reply. Every opinion matters.
We only work with people who share our values.


Who pulls the strings?

The operating company behind intap is Scientists into Business (SCiB) GmbH, a start-up that emerged from the Founders’ Program of Graduates of the TU Dresden and works as an interface between science and business. It contributes to the recruiting of academicians by Saxon companies and to the anchoring of students & graduates in Dresden as a business location.

Meet the team

Anke Wagner von intap Dresden
Anke Wagner
Chief Strategy Officer
Head of Communication and events Intap Dresden
Elzyata Boschaeva
Head of Events & Communication
Events and Community Specialist at intap
Fatema Darbar
Community & Events Specialist
Talent Transfer Manager Intap
Sarah Halfter
Talenttransfer Manager
CEO intap
Janett Krätzschmar-König
CEO & Creator of Opportunities
Head of Projects at intap
Louisa Werner
Head of Projects
Mariia Kutscher  von intap Dresden
Mariia Kutscher
Magic Matchmaker & Design Creator
Johanna Siol von intap Dresden
Johanna Siol
Marketing Team
Christian Klauß von intap Dresden
Christian Klauß
Head of Digital & Technology
Dr. Katja Siemens von intap Dresden
Dr. Katja Siemens
Head of Consulting
Business Development and Operations at intap
Swati Pant
Business Development & Operations
Diana Glaser von intap Dresden
Diana Glaser
Consulting Team
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