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Enabling Massive IoT: A reflector post warning on oncoming traffic? A wallet posting its position to your mobile? Sharing your bicycle remotely to a friend? CommSolid’s cellular IoT technology makes visions become reality.

intap project partner- CommSolid

CommSolid’s corporate culture is based on respect, mutual trust and helpfulness. It emphasizes on the integration of employees into their team as well as the overall environment. Creative leeway, flexible working hours, team events and various sports activities across all teams form an enjoyable work atmosphere. CommSolid is located in the green heart of Dresden. With bright and inviting offices, well-equipped workplaces, a roof-top terrace, pleasant working atmosphere, exciting tasks and development opportunities, it provides the basis for an inspiring work environment.

intap project partner - CommSolid

Who is CommSolid?

 CommSolid is the cellular IoT company providing leading edge, ultra-low power solutions for the growing IoT market. This market demands highly optimized and easy-to-integrate communication solutions for the NarrowBand-IoT standard, allowing every sensor to be directly connected to the Internet. Leveraging the experience of more than a decade at the forefront of the wireless communication business, CommSolid has unique capabilities to handle high volume and extremely integrated low power solutions. Since February 2018, CommSolid is member of the Goodix Family.

What do you value most in an applicant?

Are you a skilled engineer seeking new challenges? Or do you want to collect some practical experience during your master’s or PhD studies? If you feel like we need you: Let us know! Whether you are already working as an engineer elsewhere, just finished your studies or seeking a position as a working student – we’re open for you. Drop us a mail with your CV and a short text describing why you’d love to work for us.

Saxony and the Dresden region offers us as a company…

Dresden is located in the heart of Silicon Saxony, the largest region for microelectronics and information and communication technology in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. Various universities and institutes in and around Silicon Saxony provide a strong academic environment. Where else could it be better for high-tech innovations? We love Dresden – in all colors. It’s the place, where our business roots are and is the perfect environment to be creative on the forefront of the wireless and mobile business.

If your company was an animal, which one would it be?

Our tagline says it all – “connecting.amazing.things”

One could imagine our company to be like a forest that hosts a wonderful blend of diverse inhabitants with varied backgrounds and cultures, flourishing together as one. CommSolid’s team consists of people coming from all over the world. And that’s what makes it a great team, making the work culture colorful, interesting, progressive and inspiring.

intap project partner - CommSolid
intap project partner - CommSolid
intap project partner - CommSolid
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