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We create a balance between industrial growth and the preservation of natural resources with our innovative technologies for waste gas and wastewater treatment.

intap partner DAS EE
Nicole Putzger
HR Services at DAS EE

I am a part of DAS EE since 2011, which is a family-run company and has a very nice work atmosphere and open-mindedness. We organize several events for our employees;  Barbecues, company birthdays, children’s Christmas parties, etc, we also utilize the company-owned pool by organizing pool parties,

Networking session during the the International Talent Wanted campaign by Intap

Who is DAS Environmental Experts?

We at DAS Environmental Experts want to be the company in the environmental industry that leads with its innovation and quality standards. Therefore we are looking for new employees*. As an employee, there is no need to reinvent yourself. We offer everything that specialists and managers, young professionals* and students desire.

What do you value most in an applicant?

Are interested in graduates, interns/working students in technical fields (emission and wastewater treatment)
Good German language skills are important, applicants should also fit well into our team

Saxony and the Dresden region offers us as a company…

Industry and culture in one location.
Proximity to popular excursion destinations such as; Saxon Switzerland, Prague…
International Communities, Student City because of HTW/TU Dresden. Also culturally open Dresden Neustadt region.

If your company was an animal, what would it be and why?

Chameleon – Lizzy is our mascot: the animals clean the air and trap animals just like DAS systems clean tiny particles from the discharged air
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