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You want to kickstart your career at the intersection of AI and life sciences? Come on board and contribute to environmental protection, food safety and healthcare with the QuoData team!

The diversity of projects that I am able to contribute to at QuoData ensures that no day is like any other. They bring with it new challenges that require me and the team to develop creative ideas and transcend them into viable and valuable solutions for the customer.

This is not only stimulating for me but also an adventure, that I cherish the most.

Kapil Nichani

Senior Data Scientist, QuoData

Who is QuoData?

QuoData with its multidisciplinary team serving more than 100 corporations, SMEs and government agencies worldwide, is championing the cause of improving reliability of measurements.

You can be a part of it and work at the intersection of statistical engineering and application development in the field of food safety, consumer protection, environment protection, materials and biomedicine.

QuoData embraces innovation, creative freedom and collaboration to foster new ideas for R&D and to bring the quality of measurements to the next level.

What do you value most in an applicant?

Do you fancy wearing different hats and bring value to the table through your diversified skills? Yes? Good! You should be able to work in an interdisciplinary team of mathematicians, biotechnologists and bioinformaticians and bring strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Saxony and the Dresden region offers us as a company…

Dresden is a hub for educational institutes, R&D and major corporations which makes the region highly attractive. This has been the reason we are headquartered in Dresden since the beginning – more than 20 years now. We cherish the quality of life in here and our QuoData villa in art nouveau style near the river Elbe with large offices makes it so we really feel like a second home.

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What animal would your company be and why?

If we were an animal, we would be an Owl! They are astute observers. Just like them, we understand the big picture and bring it into context through strategic planning and deliver precise results. Like owls, dependability and reliability are important in what we deliver.

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