Supporting Partners

Almost every modern chip has the technology of our supporter Lam Research. Semiconductor functional elements made of silicon are an integral part of everyday life and with each developmental step­– smartphones, tablets and wearables become smaller, more powerful and smarter. Of the 10,600 employees worldwide, 60 work at the Dresden location – many of them are international. Here is an interesting fact; the company was founded in a garage in “Silicon Valley” in 1980 by David Lam. The name Lam is not an abbreviation for “Left Applied Materials” but refers to the name of the founder.

Lam Research supports intap because it finds the topic of securing skilled workers by way of retaining international students, cosmopolitanism, foresight and innovation important. Lam Research would also like to contribute through their experience as an intercultural team by sharing experiences with other companies and potentially offering graduates a future in their area of research. Furthermore, we are looking for a platform to increase the awareness of Lam Research locally.

Descript conceives, designs, develops and supports websites, online shops, individual software and mobile applications as well as corporate design solutions in digital and print. descript developed the career platform for intap:

Descript supports intap because we believe that international teams can be an enrichment for any company.

CommSolid is the leading cellular IP Company providing edge ultra-low power solutions for the growing IoT market. Since the beginning of the year, they are a member of the global Goodix Family. CommSolid currently employs 15% internationals, with the intention to increase this number to 30% in the near future.

CommSolid supports intap because to grow we need to attract talent from all over the world. They need to feel welcome and home in Dresden. We truely believe this will help grow Dresden and hence our firm. Intap is a promising initiative to this ambition.

Our project partner DAS Environmental Experts (DAS EE) is one of the world’s leading producers of process exhaust technologies in high-tech manufacturing. The Company develops and produces innovative and individually adaptable Point-Of-Use waste gas disposal solutions as well as concepts for waste water treatment and for the Water recovery for industrial customers and municipalities. The headquarters of the 1991 is based in Dresden. In addition, DAS EE is represented with its own subsidiaries in Asia, the United States and South America.

DAS EE supports intap because international experts are a big part of our future.


Silicon Saxony is the interest group for the Saxon semiconductor and software industry. More than 330 companies and research institutions come together here with the aim of strengthening the innovative potential of Dresden as a location. Silicon Saxony provides jobs and the necessary exchange with international specialists – because only together can we advance the further development of cutting-edge technology.

Supporting statement: Our member companies and institutions of the association are internationally active and always on the lookout for specialists from all over the world.

The Dresden start-up Wandelbots constructs wearables – clothing with built-in sensors – that detect body movements and transmit them to robots. This allows gesture-controlled programming and generates an automation program. All founders of Wandelbots have backgrounds in research and have gained international experience, which is also reflected in the spirit of the company and has a major impact on the day-to-day work of the current 15 employees.

Wandelbots supports intap because the non-profit project is aimed at helping to address one of the biggest challenges in Dresden, namely increasing the attractiveness of the city and thus competiveness of the Dresden market. To attract some of the best talents in the world intap is increasing Dresden’s visibility on the international stage. Wandelbots feels that local startups and companies need to provide a more accurate picture of international talents in Dresden.

The software experts of our project partner akili:innovation develop the software framework ATLED. This allows different systems in the company to be connected and processes to be digitized. ATLED is highly flexible, configurable via BPMN workflows and works with the latest technologies.

akili:innovation supports intap because we are convinced that international talents are important for Dresden and for akili.

Our project partner itelligence is an NTT DATA company and is focused on SAP solutions to create value for its clients. itelligence innovates, designs, implements, manages and continuously enhances business solutions. Since the start 30 years ago, itelligence has worked with thousands of companies to help them transform and be more successful. With 8,500 SAP experts in 26 countries, itelligence is there where the customer needs it.
itelligence supports intap because we are working in a global company environment. We want to support cultural diversity and cultural open-mindedness. 
Our project partner Watttron has developed an innovative, patented heating technology with which, for example, plastic packaging can be optimized. This patented heating technology saves upwards of 30% on material and energy costs- One can certainly understand why the startup won the German Packaging Award in 2016.


Watttron supports intap because we want to promote cultural diversity within the company.

The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany and employs a total of 14,000 people, 350 of them in Dresden. International employees and students make up the largest proportion of those insured with TK – diversity is no foreign word here.

TK supports intap because we care a lot about Dresden and the development of the technical industry.

The technology of our project partner Preh Car Connect can be found in more than 8 million vehicles. The automotive supplier brings man and technology closer with its products. The internationally positioned company selected Dresden as the seat of its development location and employs 700 individuals locally. Preh car Connect also maintains development and production facilities in China, Japan, Korea and Poland. The 1,500 employees from all over the world come from 16 nations. Diversity at Preh Car Connect is all in a day’s work.

Preh Car Connect supports intap because the cooperation at intap enables us to increase market penetration among potential international employees.

Our partner Fabmatics is an experienced, internationally operating specialist for high-tech production environments and automation projects in the semiconductor industry with a focus on semiconductor and microelectronics, IT, mechanical and plant engineering as well as the packaging industry. In addition to German-speaking employees, Fabmatics Dresden also hosts internationals. Fabmatics is involved in various networks, including the Fair Career Initiative and the Family Success Factor program. In addition to national specialists, the company is always looking for know-how from countries where the microelectronics and semiconductor industries also play a role in implementing expansion plans.
The largest and most modern semiconductor plant in Europe is located in Dresden. Fab 1 of GLOBALFOUNDRIES is one of the most productive chip factories in the world, has 3,400 employees from more than 50 nations and helped to make Saxony the leading micro and nanoelectronics center in Europe.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES supports intap because we would like to further strengthen our excellent experience with international students and to continuously seek qualified support from both young professionals and students. In addition, we would like to strengthen the reputation of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, locally as well as internationally. One of our goals is to promote Dresden as the largest semiconductor location in Europe. Last but not least, we find the intap project a very good initiative, which we gladly support with our experience.

Our project partner Enloc offers new intelligent solutions for complex systems of energy supply with electricity, gas and heat. The Dresden start-up is an all-round provider for the housing industry and aims to be the first with improvements or new developments – no matter whether it is about innovation or efficiency. Incidentally, around 25% of Enloc employees are international.

Enloc supports intap because we support the idea (of intap) and are constantly looking to hire cool employees.

Theegarten Pactec puts Dresden on the map as the home to an international champion of packaging. The innovative family business is the leading manufacturer of packaging technologies for confectionery. Candy is not the only thing being packaged here, packaging solutions for other products are being constantly developed. Like one would expect in a family, the work at Theegarten Pactec is characterized by team spirit, mutual trust and performance.

Theegarten Pactec supports intap because the issues of diversity and the acquisition of skilled labor are very important to us. We are an internationally active company with a high level of exports and have filled a variety of positions with individuals from several countries. Many of the positions in our company require responsibilities be undertaken in an international setting.

SAP Deutschland SE & Co.  KG, headquartered in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, is a legally independent subsidiary of SAP SE.  SAP is one of the leading multinational software companies for enterprise solutions. More than 90,000 employees work for SAP, one of the 180 branches worldwide is located in Dresden with more than 650 employees. Surprisingly, not only the employees at SAP Dresden are international! At Art’ SAP Dresden there is a beautiful exhibition of contemporary art.

SAP supports intap because it is normal for us as an internationally operating company to work together globally. We are continuously looking for qualified talents, young professionals and students. SAP must become even better known and more attractive for young talents, especially at its location. The intap project is a very good initiative that we are happy to support with our international experience.

Ideational Supporting Partners:

“The department for economic promotion of provincial capital Dresden works on a positive development of economy, education and research in Dresden. To strengthen the international competitiveness further Dresden needs skilled professionals. For the future success of the science and business location Dresden a sustainable security of skilled professionals is crucial. To achieve this the economic promotion gets involved and supports not only companies, research facilities and universities but also intap – the international talent project for Dresden.“
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