Skilled workers and young professionals from India could soon be a driving force of the German tech-landscape. State funded projects aim to facilitate this necessary development.

A recent article in the renowned Indian newspaper “The Times of India” estimates that the country could soon be “Germany’s biggest source of talent“. According to the article, that quotes the findings of the German Economic Institute (IW), in March 2021, 57.6 percent of Indians subject to social insurance contributions in Germany work in specialist or expert jobs, which usually require a university degree or advanced training qualification. This is contrasted by the 16.5% of all other foreigners present in Germany and 28.3% of the German nationals who have the same level of university degree.

This circumstance leads way to the hypothesis that among all the foreign working professionals in Germany, professionals from India have become Germany’s no. 1 source of talents today. And this is not happening only in the major metropolitan cities in the west or in the south but all over the country. Cities like Dresden in East-Germany are becoming the preferred choice of many highly qualified Indians. They relocate to Dresden either to pursue their career in research or to find/start a job in the tech industry. Over the last 2 decades the city has become the major hub of world-renowned academic institutes and a base for fast-growing tech companies. It regularly experiences a huge influx of Indian talents, which eventually gives the state’s economic performance the means to compete on the international scale.

Indian and other international students engage with potential employers in networking events – like here at the Ride2Career

Amidst all this, Dresden’s Skilled Workers Alliance (Fachkräfteallianz) has taken advancements to increase the migration of Indian talents to Germany. #HalloIndia – Grab your German Job is a recently funded project in the wake of those efforts. The objective is to enable companies in Saxony, particularly in Dresden, recruit highly skilled talents from India for their various open positions. As the project gains traction, the companies are no longer dependent on the talents from India to find the jobs in Dresden themselves and apply but the companies take the proactive role of attracting and recruiting the talents directly from India. This way their growth is not slowed down by the lack of specialists and experts, which Germany is struggling with, and they can continue to stay competitive at the global market. These job positions are largely based in microelectronics, semiconductor, communication equipment, software development, IT services, robotics, data science, AI, aerospace and similar related fields.

Intap network, with its long-standing experience in connecting global talents with local industry in Dresden, is the driving force behind the project, that is also supported by Silicon Saxony. To learn more about the project and the value for companies looking to recruit skilled workers and young professionals from India, click here.

With projects/initiatives like this – with a government backing – Germany may in a few years be compared to the regions like North America or Middle east, where Indian migrants are mostly concentrated in higher education and work opportunities.

More info on #HalloIndia on our our website.

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