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As a leading audit and consulting company, Deloitte advises clients in their digitization process.

Since 2019 with Deloitte Consulting and 2 hats on my head – one is setting up the Deloitte Business & Technology Center in Leipzig, the other is advising our DAX 40 clients on their cloud strategy, IT implementation and operation with our multi-cultural teams in Europe.

We love our start-up atmosphere by driving a large global company. Making an impact that matters – in diverse, international projects with flat hierarchies, lots of communities, tech talks, meet-ups and life-long learning possibilities.

Sebastian Schneider

Senior Manager Cloud Engineering, Deloitte

Who is Deloitte?

Deloitte is one of the world’s largest audit and consulting firms. Especially in times of digital transformation, it is particularly important to always be up to date. Only those who are fit for the future themselves can advise their clients on topics such as big data, cloud technology or sustainability strategies in the long term.

We have long since proven that digitization and innovation are not just buzzwords for us, but are the focus of each of our business areas.

What do you value most in an applicant?

Most importantly: Applicants should bring a large portion of desire and fun to work in a team! We always approach projects as a team, which is why the team concept is very important to us. Since we always develop very individual solutions for our customers, we are looking for colleagues who like to take on a challenge and get creative off the beaten track. This also means being open to new trends and developments. A solution that is perfect today may already be outdated tomorrow.

 The Saxony/Dresden region offers us as a company…

… first of all, a great office location in the heart of Leipzig’s city center. The city charmingly combines the past with the future: on the one hand, it is a cultural capital rich with history; on the other, it attracts a young and international audience with its trendy neighborhoods and the many universities in the region. In short, Leipzig offers a mix of the best of both worlds – and our Technology Center is right in the middle of it all.

If your company was an animal, what would it be and why?

Deloitte would be a giraffe. It lives in small herds and probably has the best view and overview in the animal world. It therefore notices very early on when something is happening in the distance and can react quickly accordingly. And another important “feature”: the giraffe may be large, but it is very fast and agile when needed.

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