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With our solutions, we support companies, cities and municipalities, trade associations and public institutions in implementing digitized processes.

intap project partner- descript
Projekt Manager at descript

I’ve been at descript for 3 years and covered multiple roles in this time. And that’s what makes working here so much fun. You can be part of the full process, participating at every step, from planning to execution. In our open and innovative work culture I could develop my skills and pivot my role oftentimes.

intap project partner- descript

Who is descript?

We have been developing software for companies and organizations for 16 years now, helping teams to work digitally and remotely. Our team consists of 14 developers, designers, project managers and business administrators and works together in a friendly and fun environment. Doens’t matter  if one is a student, intern or graduate – people work with us from various stages of their lives. That makes our team colorful and versatile. Fun Fact: Our youngest team member is just four years older than our company.

What do you value most in an applicant?

In addition to technical understanding in the field of software development, we value independent working and problem-solving skills, the ability to develop technologies and solve problems independently, and of course being a likeable and friendly person who fits well into our team.

Saxony and the Dresden region offers us as a company…

A broad spectrum of outstanding IT Professionals, interesting partnerships with Universities, innovative projects such as intap and a great quality of life, in which work and private life harmonize very well.

If your company was an animal, which one would it be?

Our mascot is called Peter and is a python. Python is our number 1 tool in software development. So the choice is not difficult for us.

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